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Teleschool Kit

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our Farm to School website. It has been a while since we have been active here but we have decided to relaunch this site as a resource for parents and students to access farm to school education from home. We will be sharing lessons, hands on activities, and kid friendly recipes to do from home. We are also excited to share a new Teleschool Kit we have created! This online resource includes prerecorded lessons for elementary through high school students. We hope that these educational resources provide you some support and ease the burden of distance learning from home.

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Native Nutrition

The Great Lakes Intertribal Council (GLITC) has a very cool website from 2014-2015 for their Nutrition/SNAP-Ed program! Posts/pages include a range of topics about great-lakes-area native american food cultures and the nutritional information that goes with them. There’s recipes for native foods, but also great info sheets about major food sources (bison, deer, strawberries, dandelions etc), stories about food, and interviews about food culture from community members. While it’s sad that this page hasn’t been updated in a while, the posts are a great resource for nutrition educators hoping to incorporate native diets into their curriculum!

Check it out here:

GLITC website:

GLITC Fit-Families facebook page:

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Wisconsin School Garden Day: May 23rd

Official logo from WI School Garden Network, 2019

Have you heard? Tony Evers announced that May 23rd is officially Wisconsin School Garden day. From the WI School Garden Network activity guide: “You can participate in Wisconsin School Garden Day by engaging in some type of garden-based education activity or celebration on May 23, 2019 (or another day that week) in solidarity with youth garden programs across the state.Whether your garden-based education program consists of a half acre of raised beds, some potted herbs, or seeds germinating on a countertop, you can participate in Wisconsin School Garden Day. Wisconsin School Garden Day is an opportunity to draw attention to the many ways that Wisconsin’s children are benefiting from youth gardens every day. ” (source)

Below is the full activity guide, which includes lots of fantastic activities to bring into the classroom on WI School Garden Day or any time this spring/summer. We use a lot of them here at REAP Farm to School in our day-to-day lessons! Be sure to check out the WI School Garden Network’s website too. After May 23rd, the activity guide will be in our Resources page (in progress) with our notes.

Comment below or on our facebook with what you want to do for WI School Garden Day!

(Leah, Americorps 2019)

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Six Plant Parts

Students will learn the six important plant parts and how each part functions to sustain a living plant. Through the discussion and activities in this lesson, students will be able to understand that when we eat fruits and vegetables we are actually eating different plant parts. Students will practice matching foods to their plant part.

Six Plant Parts Lesson

Six Plant Parts Mystery

Six Plant Parts Salad Recipe Worksheet

Six Plant Parts Word Bank Worksheet

Label the Plant Parts Worksheet_Spanish

The Six Plant Parts Poster

Edible Plant Parts Poster

Fruit and Veggie Bingo Instructions

Bingo cards

Six Plant Parts Song Lyrics

Mystery Plant Parts Poster

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Deconstruct your lunch

This lesson is designed to teach students about the connection between soil and food. Deconstruct Your Lunch asks students to trace ingredients back to the soil, showing how we rely on productive soil to grow our food.

Deconstruct Your Lunch Lesson

Cheeseburger Ingredient Cards

Deconstructing our School Lunch Menu Worksheet

Dirt Made My Lunch Song Lyrics

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Routes of Food

This lesson engages students in thought and discussion about the routes food travels and the differences between local, regional, and national food systems. This lesson addresses the questions: Where does our food come from? How does it get to us? Who is involved in this process? Students will consider the environmental, economic, and social impact of agricultural production and food transportation through role-play of three food system scenarios.

Routes of Food Lesson

Routes of Food Chart

Routes of Food Character Name Tags

Routes of Food Money

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Rainbow of Fruits and Veggies

This lesson helps students understand the importance of eating a variety of different colored fruits and vegetables. The lesson reviews the various nutrients that different colored foods provide to us and their importance for our health.

Rainbow of Fruits and Veggies Lesson

Draw a Rainbow of Fruits and Veggies Worksheet

Arco Iris de Frutas y Verduras Worksheet